Our Umrah Honeymoon

I remember when we were thinking of places to go for our honeymoon sometime in late 2013. We had a growing list of places to visit: Norway, New Zealand, Fiji, Maldives, Greece, Iceland, etc. Somehow, my heart couldn’t settle on one of those places. We brushed it aside since we had slightly more than a … More Our Umrah Honeymoon

MMXII, in a nutshell.

2012 was amazing with so many wonderful events celebrated and special moments that I’ll cherish forever. I managed to achieve all my goals for the year too! Some memories for keepsakes: #1: Project Mint Green We took a little step forward and got engaged in early 2012.

Breakfast with Mum

One of the things I love about weekends: Having breakfast with mum and chatting about the most random topics. Right now, we’re discussing the possible triggers for our migraines. Haha! Sounds strange, but I’m growing to love my mum more every single day. I had a nightmare about losing her a few weeks ago and … More Breakfast with Mum

Drip Drop

Walking in the rain, marrying two of my favourite things. Some weekends are like home-based work days. Others are just lazy days meant for sleeping-in, walking around unchartered neighbourhoods in search of soya beancurd and putu piring, sitting at a taxi stand to rest and just talking. I like the latter more.

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Marking ended early today. The 4 days turned out great after all. Caught up with a few friends and made new ones too. Our conversations always revolve around kids, work, food and travel. Anyway, the initial plan was to hit the beach for a swim, but my body decided that it was that time of … More Tiong Bahru Bakery

Learn Every Day

There are so many lessons that I’ve learnt over the past several months. They’re far from original, but I’m penning down a few in case I need to jog my memory.