I’d brave the extreme, harsh cold for this. (via.) One day, insyaAllah. In the mean time, these are on repeat: The Aurora. The Mountain.

guest post; nabbycat

Hello readers of fuzzygreenlights! I’m nabbycat and I’m super honoured to be guest posting while faizlyana is away! Recently I found a provision shop near my office in which it seems like time stood still – For one, the shop uncle walks around in just shorts, pot belly proudly showing; For another, he still uses … More guest post; nabbycat

Happy things!

Hey loves! I haven’t been posting much photos and the reason is this heavy baby right here: My Nikon SLR F2AS that my Dad passed down. It probably weighs 3 times more than my Canon! Hence, I have to leave my DSLR at home to prevent my back from breaking. Heh! So I’ve been snapping … More Happy things!

Fleur Avenue.

Hi lovelies! Do you love pretty vintage accessories? I do! & boy was I thrilled when I received a package containing these sweet things a few weeks ago! I bought these hair pins from lovely Brenda Pan, a Singaporean and creator of modern vintage accessories from Fleur Avenue. I’ve been stalking her Etsy shop for the … More Fleur Avenue.

I heart film!

Hi there! Just a quickie before I head out! (: I’ve just collected 3 prints from my neighbourhood photo shop. & I’m so excited to see them turning out better than expected! These were taken using my Dad’s Nikon FM2 SLR. I’m really surprised because the camera is so mouldy and eeky. Heh! Love the last photo … More I heart film!

strawberry overload.

2nd last week of school and it’s crazy! Had strawberry pancake topped with strawberry jam sauce and fresh korean strawberries for dinner a few days ago. The pancake was pink! Can’t really see it in this photo though! Mmmm… strawberry yoghurt smoothie sounds gooooood. and healthy!  Strawberry & watercress salad? Sounds yum for a veggie monster like … More strawberry overload.