Breakfast with Mum

One of the things I love about weekends: Having breakfast with mum and chatting about the most random topics. Right now, we’re discussing the possible triggers for our migraines. Haha! Sounds strange, but I’m growing to love my mum more every single day. I had a nightmare about losing her a few weeks ago and … More Breakfast with Mum

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Marking ended early today. The 4 days turned out great after all. Caught up with a few friends and made new ones too. Our conversations always revolve around kids, work, food and travel. Anyway, the initial plan was to hit the beach for a swim, but my body decided that it was that time of … More Tiong Bahru Bakery

Taste of Childhood

I was a Brownie back in primary school. & I loved the time of the year when we took orders for Brownie/Girl Guide cookies. I remember Mum ordering a few tins of Chocolate Mint Cream cookies, our favourite. The tins were designed beautifully too. I have one that holds my precious (& not to mention, … More Taste of Childhood


It was 25/09 again last Sunday! A surprise birthday celebration for my Nik and I, thank you Chor-Us! A resilient, 2-year-old birthday balloon given by Zul. I occasionally use it as a weapon to attack my sleeping brother or annoying sister. I think baking rainbow cake might just be a new family tradition. Haha! This year … More two3.

July in Film #1.

Weekends in July were mostly spent on crafting lesson plans, making resources and marking. I tend to mark before I dive into lesson planning since it’s quite mindless. But the answers pupils regurgitate can sometimes crack you up or even stab you deep inside, forcing you to question your abilities. Like, “I thought we went … More July in Film #1.