Hello, I’m Lyana! 🙂

I teach little humans Art.

I blog about captured moments, thoughts and goals, people & things I adore.

I love animals, triangles, laughing, fitness, exploring hidden gems, food, crafting & travelling.
I enjoy taking photos.

My goal in life is to be green, simple, positive, appreciative and contented.
& most importantly, learn and grow every single day.
Thank you for dropping by! Do say hi! (:

/find me/

e: hello@fuzzygreenlights.com
f: flickr.com/photos/lilsoul/
p: pinterest.com/fuzzygreenlight/
v: vimeo.com/fuzzygreenlights/
i: statigr.am/fuzzygreenlights

14 thoughts on “▲bout.

  1. hello.

    im just a passerby but you were my senior back in innova. i just wanted to say that i fall in love with all your creative and breathtaking masterpieces esp ‘me in 2007’. would really want to do the same myself but ive really no idea where you get all the nice materials from. (the buttons/ribbons/ backgrounds patterns) could you kindly provide the details.

    would really appreaciate it! 🙂



  2. hey!

    thanks for your generous compliments. HAHA. my head has since grown an inch bigger.

    i bought all the stuffs at this scrapbooking store in Plaza Sing. Its called madewithlove. you can visit their webbie: http://www.madewithlove.com.sg

    let me warn you first though, you will be very tempted to buy the whole shop!

    i worked there for a few months and almost 1/3 of my paycheck was spent on scrap supplies! LOL.

    have fun making stuffs! & i want to see your creations too ok!

    nice “meeting” you, aicha!

    1. Hey babe! Thanks a lot! That’s really encouraging! I still got a lot to learn. Heh! Hope you’re doing great! (:

  3. heys Faiz (:

    i love your blog posts!
    the pictures are all SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice.
    i just feel happier now.
    thanks to your pics.

    anw. i’ll link you up okay?
    if you don’t mind (:

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