Travelogue: Maldives

Updating about this trip almost a year after, I am clearly an epitome of procrastination. That’s nothing new, though!

So last year, Z excitedly announced that SIA tickets were going on sale. We looked through the different destinations, decided on Maldives and booked the tickets without qualms. We badly wanted a beach destination after going through the extreme cold in Norway, haha!

Sunset from our villa
View at the airport


After booking the flight tickets, we went on to search for a resort and were a little taken aback at how expensive they were. I mean, we knew that Maldives was a luxurious travel destination but an overwater room going at about $1000 a night? *cries*

We learnt that Maldives was made up of so many little islands and each one had its own exclusive resort. Thankfully, we found a resort with an overwater villa which was slightly cheaper. Even though it was a rather old resort, we thought the place itself holds so much beauty, we wouldn’t need a modern, lavishly-decorated room to sleep in.

No amount of words can fully describe the beauty of Maldives. The endless view of gorgeous blues greeted us as we rode on our speedboat to our resort, Fihalhohi Island Resort.


We spent the three days there snorkelling and exploring the nearby reefs. The diverse species of sea animal life was amazing! We had a few exhilarating encounters with rays and baby reef sharks too! We also tried stand-board paddling, which was tough on 3-month preggy me, so I ended up paddling on my knees.



The resort provided tours to other islands where you can swim with dolphins, whale sharks, etc. We took a boat tour to find manta rays and dolphins and were thankful we managed to spot them!



One advice I can give if you’re thinking of heading there: Get the all-inclusive package! We took the full-board package thinking we wouldn’t need to buy lots of drinks. Boy, were we wrong1 We kept paying for extra mineral water and glasses of Coca-Cola which was US$5 each! So, spend a little more on the all-inclusive package and you have less to worry about in the end.


We would love to visit Maldives again,  but we’d probably explore similar island destinations which are less costly.


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