Travelogue: Bergen, Norway

The initial plan for 2015 December holiday was to explore the coastal areas of Norway. Somehow, we found reasonably cheap tickets to London and decided to jump at the opportunity. Hence, the short 5-day detour. But the highlight of the trip was still visiting the Scandinavian country, cutting it down to two cities.

First stop, Bergen!

We arrived at Bergen in the evening and the chilly air greeted us as we stepped out of the bus from the airport. Took a 15 minutes walk upslope, on cobbled streets, dragging our heavy luggages, to find the door of our air BnB in a pretty shade of blue. We were greeted by our friendly host who then brought us to our apartment that looked like it came out of a showroom in Ikea. Haha! Loved it!

The next day, we went for the ‘Norway in a Nutshell Tour’ which involved a train ride on the Bergen railway, a Fjord cruise and riding the famous Flåm railway. The view of the mountains, rivers and fjords were gorgeous!

On our third and last day in Bergen, I decided to explore the neighbourhood while waiting for the husbands to fetch the rented car. There were a couple of adorable, photogenic cats around! So fat and fluffy too!

We decided to drive around and stopped by a park. See that luscious green hill? Instead of walking down the path, Z decided to take a shortcut. He slipped and fell, dragging me down along with him. Sigh, my husband. Always hilarious! We ended our stay in Bergen with dinner at Ikea!


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