Travelogue: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Oh dear, this was actually drafted 6 months ago, and the actual trip was one year back!

Back in uni, my BFF and I made a pact to visit an elephant sanctuary once we’re both married. So we finally did last June! We decided to head north to Chiang Mai for a few days,  leaving our husbands back in Singapore. (We did miss them after awhile and wished they had come along too. :P)

Our first day was spent familiarising the vicinity of our hotel, exploring temples, hunting for yummy street food and a little shopping.



I think we had mango sticky rice almost every day during the trip.

We even learnt to cook a few Thai dishes from a local cooking school!



I even dragged Anis to do something a little more adventurous, she went abseiling and zip-lining for the first time! No photographic proof of that, but we sure had a ball!


But the highlight of the trip was definitely the opportunity of getting up close and personal with a herd of elephants!


I was trying to feed her one banana at a time, but she snatched the whole bunch instead. Haha!




Giving the elephants a mud bath, which was mixed with their poo.


And finally rinsing off at a nearby waterfall. I would definitely recommend going for a day trip to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary to interact with the gentle giants. This particular sanctuary prohibits elephant riding too, which is great!

Our last day was spent swimming at our hotel swimming pool and exploring a few quiet cafes in the area.


It was definitely an awesome, girls/BFFs-only trip! Would love to come back with our husbands though! (:



One thought on “Travelogue: Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Yay! I’ve missed reading your travelogue posts. Looking forward to your Maldives & Norway trips if you intend to blog about 🙂

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