DIY: Terrarium

Hello! I was looking around for terrariums (been madly obsessed with them quite recently for no apparent reason) when I thought it would be fun to make my own from scratch. So the trip down to Thong Hup Gardens a few weeks ago was to get potting soil and charcoal.


  1. A vivarium for smaller land animals, esp. reptiles, amphibians, or terrestrial invertebrates, typically in the form of a glass-fronted case.
  2. A sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown.


  • glass jar or bowl
  • pebbles
  • potting soil
  • horticultural charcoal
  • plants (I have a thing for succulents especially.)
  • cute figurines or decorative stones
  • water

I couldn’t find horticultural charcoal so I crushed some with the hammer. X)

1.Wash glass jar with soapy warm water and dry it.
I got mine from Ikea, realised later it could only fit one plant.


2. Lay some pebbles on the bottom of the glass jar.


3. Lay about 1cm of charcoal.
I later learnt that the charcoal is used to filter the air and keep it fresh, especially in a closed terrarium.

4. Add about 5cm of potting soil and dig a hole for your plant.
5. Remove the plant from the pot and place it into the hole. Pat soil over the roots to cover them.
Got my plants from Ikea too!
6. Dampen the soil.
7. Add cute little things.
I got my hedgehog figurine from Cat Socrates.
8. Place jar in indirect sunlight.
9. Dampen soil when it gets too dry.

IMG_5906 Ta da! 😉

My terrarium gets ‘misty’ at times due to the condensation of moisture. I’ll open the cover and air it for awhile.

I had so much fun doing this, I think I’ll make more when I find the time. 🙂

If you’d like to have one without the mess:


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